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Monologue Production

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Monoreels - More Than A Monologue

Monoreels - More Than A Monologue

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Sharni Tapako-Brown - Monoreels

Sharni Tapako-Brown - Monoreels

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Faye Campbell

Faye Campbell

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About the Service

Introducing "Monoreels", our exclusive monologue filming service, designed specifically for the dedicated actor. This unique platform is meticulously crafted to create a compelling showreel that truly encapsulates your talent. 

Monologues, a potent tool in an actor's arsenal, allow you to display your acting skills in their rawest form, unfiltered and in the limelight. However, with our specialised monologue production sessions, you're not left to fend for yourself. Instead, we engage in a collaborative process to hone your performance, guided by the experienced hand of Daniel Alexander. 

Daniel brings to the table a wealth of knowledge from his extensive career in film and television, having witnessed countless casting auditions, self-tapes, and collaborations with some of the country's leading casting directors. He understands what works, what casting directors are seeking, and is committed to helping you craft a showreel scene that not only stands out but truly represents you as an actor.

Our service extends beyond mere filming. We capture your performance using state-of-the-art Netflix approved cameras, delivering a visually arresting monologue that is sure to captivate your audience. Additionally, we provide a custom introduction and a specially edited version tailored for social media use, ensuring your performance reaches a wider audience.

Monoreels is a proud part of the FRAMEWAY training series, under the umbrella of Daniel Alexander Films. We encourage you to explore our Acting For Screen & Monologue workshop to maximise your monologue production even further. Spend a session with us to receive tailored design and feedback, along with industry insights on how to ensure your best performance is nurtured and captured every time, from large professional film sets to self-tape auditions.


  1. Begin by clicking the "Book Now"  button above, This will take you to a page where you can choose the date and time for your session. Once confirmed, you will be able to pay in full or instalments using Klarna. 

  2. Upon confirmation of received payment, a welcome pack will be dispatched to your email, providing additional information about your upcoming session. Please ensure you have prepared or sourced a monologue for your session (upto 2 minutes in length).

  3. Finally, attend your session and enjoy the experience. Your monologue will be edited and sent out to you within 7 days of your session.​

Kindly refer to our FAQ section for information regarding cancellations and other important details.

Your Director

Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Films | Clients
Daniel Alexander Films
Daniel Alexander Films | Clients

Our workshops are spearheaded by the acclaimed BAFTA crew director and cinematographer, Daniel Alexander. With over a decade and a half of experience in the film and television industry, Daniel's portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious entities such as ITV, BBC, BFI, Warner Bros, Apple, and many others.


His profound expertise and well-established connections within the film industry have made him a sought-after consultant for a diverse range of productions. From intense crime dramas like 'Top Boy' to light-hearted comedy shows featuring renowned comedians like Joe Lycett. Daniel's influence and recommendations have been instrumental in assembling cast and crew for a wide spectrum of productions.

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