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We're thrilled to unveil FRAMEWAY, a groundbreaking series of hands-on workshops meticulously crafted to address a critical gap in filmmaking education.

What Makes FRAMEWAY Different?

  • Real-World, Industry-Specific: Forget generic theories! FRAMEWAY delves deep into the complexities of filmmaking faced by actors, cinematographers, and directors in today's industry. You'll gain practical knowledge directly applicable to your role.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Disciplines: FRAMEWAY fosters a deeper understanding of how each filmmaking role interacts and impacts the others. This collaborative approach equips you to deliver a more powerful performance in your own discipline.

  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: Our workshops go beyond technical skills. Understanding the processes and challenges faced by other crew members empowers you to be a more effective filmmaker, elevate your current work, and prepare you for success on larger sets.

Why Choose Our Workshops?

Our workshops are spearheaded by the acclaimed BAFTA crew director and cinematographer, Daniel Alexander. With over a decade and a half of experience in the film and television industry, Daniel's portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious entities such as ITV, BBC, BFI, Warner Bros, Apple, and many others.


His profound expertise and well-established connections within the film industry have made him a sought-after consultant for a diverse range of productions. From intense crime dramas like 'Top Boy' to light-hearted comedy films from renowned comedians like Joe Lycett, Daniel's influence and recommendations have been instrumental in assembling cast and crew for a wide spectrum of productions.



Who Should Attend?



Our training series is designed for:


  • Actors: Are you aspiring to break into mainstream television, series, or film? Or perhaps you're a working actor looking to refine your craft? FRAMEWAY offers targeted workshops in Acting for Screen and Monologue Delivery.

  • Cinematographers: Emerging cinematographers eager to master large format cameras and cinematic lighting techniques will find our Cinematography and Lighting workshop invaluable.

  • Directors: Aspiring directors seeking to work with established actors and build confidence in communication styles will benefit tremendously from our Directing workshop. Learn to create a safe space for actors, understand their needs on set, and elicit stronger performances through clear communication.

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